Vertical Slider

Vertical Slider Drives Out Excess Warm Air

Effortless to glide open and closed in one simple motion, the two panes of glass slide past each other brilliantly providing an uninterrupted view. The vertically operating single glazed window employs natural airflow to the maximum effect allowing cool air to enter below, and warm air to escape above.

The vertical is vastly superior to awning or traditional sliding windows for promoting natural air circulation of breezes by harnessing the power of positive ventilation.

Especially in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, a vertical slider can drive out excess warm, moist air as it rises, through the top opening and draw in cool air to replace the warm air, through the bottom opening.

Unique Anti Intruder Barrier - the 'T'-Section

An innovative advance on double hung systems, a ‘T’ section provides a security window system unlike any other. The ‘T’ section conceals the pair of Kevlar cords preventing them from being cut from outside the window, as it hides the stainless steel pulleys from view. No other window on the market today offers this unique feature – an anti-intruder blocking barrier.

Available Configurations